Who am I?

Here is a brief timeline of events, which I hope will give some insight into who I am through sharing my past, current and future goals, milestones, and accolades.

The Journey

September 2015 University
Started Med School

My journey into medicine, began in the small humble town of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

(Medical faculty of Trakia University)

September 2021 Medical Internship
6 Years Later...

After 5 years of lectures/Labs, I am now currently in my 6th year also known as my medical internship year. at (УМБАЛ Проф. д-р Стоян Киркович)

where I will carry out state examinations before graduating in September 2021.

Future Plans The Next Step
Returning back to the UK

In the next coming months I plan on starting my GMC registration and begin to apply for jobs in the NHS.